Stockholm Sightseeing


The flat situated Swedish capital is perfect for cycling. On our guided bike tour we show you the most famous sights, tell of historical events, tell where to find the best shopping and where you can stop to eat. We pass by the Stockholm City Hall (Stadshuset), the Stockholm Palace, and the scene-district of Södermalm. A perfect introduction to the Swedish capital.

The guided tours are given in English, with German guided tours available on certain days

For more information, see Sightseeing StockholmLänkpil


Road Bike Tour

For those of you who want to see beautiful landscapes around Stockholm while also going fast and getting some exercise! Use one of our racer bikes or bring your own, whether you're training for an event or just keeping fit, this guided tour will take you out of the touristic areas. 

The guided tours are available in English, German or Swedish

For more information, see Road Bike Tours

Private Guided Tours

Whether you're interested in the 3 hour Stockholm city and National Park tour or the 2 hour in-depth National Park tour, or in anything else, we can organise a private tour for you or your group. Interested in a particular topic, like architecture, art, history or nature? We can build you a custom made tour with a specialist guide. 

Private guided tours are available in just about any language

For more information, see Private Guided Tours

Mountainbike Tours

Get off-road and dirty on a guided MTB tour! We'll take your group to one of Stockholm's greatest MTB areas, provide you with top quality Swedish bikes, helmets and a guide to keep you on track and safe. Suitable for all experience levels, we'll customise the tour to your skill and energy levels. 

MTB tours are available in English, German, Swedish and Spanish, other languages on request

For more information, see MTB Tour

Södermalm In Depth

The central island of Södermalm has traditionally been a working class neighbourhood, known for it's rough edges, but in the last few decades it has become a trendy and influential area, home of some of the best restaurants, cafes and bars in all of Sweden. No visit to Stockholm is complete without seeing Södermalm, and this tour takes you into the parts of Södermalm that tourists rarely see. 

For more informations, see Södermalm in Depth 

Stockholm Museum Tour

Stockholm has many fantastic museums offering an insight into Swedish history and culture, and most of our guests will visit at least one during their time in town. This tour gives you an opportunity to combine the best of the indoors and outdoors, riding around Stockholm's beautiful waterfronts while also actually entering some of the most important museums with one of our highly trained Stockholm Visitors Board Authorised Guides. The guides get to know your interests and can tailor the museum experience around that. 

For more information, see Stockholm Museum Tour

Bike Tour for Cruise Ship Passengers

A tour specifically tailored for cruise ship guests - as you disembark from your ship, we meet you with bikes, helmets and a guide, and then take you around the best parts of Stockholm. You decide on if you want to finish back at the ship for lunch, or end in town to grab a lunch at one of Stockholm's many great restaurants. The ideal tour for cruise passengers that want to get the absolute most out of their limited time in port. 

For more information, see Cruise Guest Guided Bike Tours

The Ultimate Family and Children Tour

Sometimes keeping the kids interested and happy is the most important goal of the day, and we're here to help! We fit you all out with appropriate bikes (we have gear for all ages) and then take you on a tour, the length and destinations varying depending on the ages of the kids. Our guide will take you into the fantastic Skansen open air museum and Nordic animal park, and help you to get around without getting lost.

For more information, see Children and Family Tour



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You will find the bike rental at Narvavägen 13-17, outside the Swedish History Museum. This is also the gathering and starting point for our sightseeing tours.