Kattegat route - Sweden's West Coast by bike from Helsingborg

Cycle along Sweden's first national bike route

 Helsingborg - Gothenburg

  • Daily stages: ◉◉◉◎◎
  • Altitude profile: ◉◉◎◎◎
  • Bestseller!
  • ca. 360 km by bike


∅ km per day

Cycle along Sweden's picturesque West coast through charming fishing villages and small ports. The route mostly follows the sea, travel through open countryside, exciting nature reserves and lush farmlands. As you draw closer to Gothenburg you will notice a shift in the landscape, with scenic cliffs, lush forests, sheltered bays and quaint harbours along the way. The culinary speciality of this region is seafood, which is the biggest celebrity on this bike tour. Discover the West coast and enjoy everything the region is so well-known for! You can even extend your holidays for another three days, to explore the wonderful archipelago around Gothenburg. 

Day 1: Individual arrival to Helsingborg

Individual arrival in Helsingborg. Your hotel is located in the center of Helsingborg, close to sights such as the medieval watchtower ”Kärnan” and the Marienkirche. In the evening, your personal welcome briefing will take place.

Day 2: Helsingborg - Ängelholm ca. 60 km

Starting with a ride along the promenade in Helsingborg you will soon pass Sofiero Palace with its gardens. The park is a thriving oasis and was awarded as “Europes Most Beautiful Park” in 2010. You continue along the coast through quaint little fishing villages and small boat marinas. The tour leads you to Höganäs where you can see and buy the world famous salt-glazed Höganäs ceramics. The journey crosses the Kulla Peninsula, passing vineyards and small farm shops before you get to Ängelholm where you stay overnight.

Day 3: Ängelholm - Halmstad ca. 75-95 km

From Ängelholm you follow the coast to Vejbystrand. You cycle through open meadows and several small coastal communities. In Magnarps Port you can stop for a well-hidden, lovely fish restaurant with a stunning view of the sea. You leave the coast to cycle across the peninsula towards the beautiful summer town of Båstad. Now the journey continues along one of Sweden’s longest sandy beaches and the resorts of Skummeslövsstrand and Mellbystrand. You will also pass the nature reserves Tönnrersa and Gullbranna and finally reach Halmstad.

Day 4: Halmstad - Falkenberg ca. 60 km

Today Sweden’s most famous beach is awaiting you: Tylösand. Not only the beach but also the hotel of the same name is worth a visit. The trip continues north along the coast. The sea, open countryside, exciting nature reserves and lush farmland lies along the following stretch. You pass Ugglarp, a small coastal community with famous vegetable gardens and a nice seaside resort. The route leads you over beautiful Grimsholmen to Falkenberg, which is one of the oldest medieval towns in the region of Halland.

Day 5: Falkenberg - Varberg ca. 40 km

Look forward to picturesque fishing villages, artists and artisans along the route. In Träslövsläge you can feast on freshly cooked lobsters and stroll through the older parts of the city. As you approach Varberg the castle towers over you.

Day 6: Varberg - Kungsbacka ca. 60-70 km

North of Varberg the landscape changes - the sandy beaches are fewer and smaller, while rocky coastline starts to dominate and the first islands begin to appear in the sea. In Åsa you leave the sea for a moment to bike through farmland and rolling hills to Fjärås Bräcka. Take a break and enjoy the views of both the lake and the sea, and visit the Li burial ground with its more than 100 stone megaliths. Along fields and horse farms you will reach Kungsbacka finally, a cozy small town with impressing old city.

Day 7: Kungsbacka - Göteborg ca. 40-65 km

You missed the sea? Thanks heaven it will accompany you again today. You will pass Vallda and Särö, the former playground of the ancient royal family and Gothenburg high society. Afterwards you will soon reach the old railway, now converted into a bike path just near the sea. Cliffs, lush forests, bays and marinas line your path into Gothenburg. Follow the harbor to enter Sweden’s second largest city and enjoy your last overnight.

Day 8: Individual departure or extension

After breakfast your tour ends. We are happy to extend your holidays with extra nights.

Day 8: Northern archipelago ca. 25-65 km
(archipelago extension)

From ferry terminal Stenpiren or Lilla Varholmen you reach island Hönö Klåva by boat (tickets available on board, ca. SEK 250 per person). On flat routes you then explore the Northern archipelago. Visit the Fiskemuseet (fishing museum) to learn more about boats and the history of fishery. Afterwards a stop at Concept Store Lilling Cottage is worth it for a light lunch. Continue your tour through nature reserve Ersdalen onto the islands of Öckerö, Hälsö and Knippla before your boat brings you back to Gothenburg in the late afternoon.

Radtour in den Schären

Day 9: Southern archipelago ca. 15-35 km

Today you explore the South. You start again with a boat ride (ca. 50 minutes, ca. SEK 70 per person). Explore the car free islands of Styrsö and Donsö. Summer restaurant Isbolaget is located next to the pier and the right address for a tasty lunch. Enjoy the silence and idyll of the archipelago, also for a swim in the refreshing sea before you return to lively Gothenburg. Spend your last evening in one of the numerous restaurants.

Day 10: Individual departure